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Jimmy’s back - October 2015

Jimmy’s not back here in the UK, he’s back in Hollywood and back on the table.  That was not so much time out.  His new idea is much more appealing than a show or three in Germany or even a tour of the UK.  Will report back after some negotiation… he wants me to join him in Hollywood for a few shows.  In his own words, “I never invite people… But you’re Different.  That’s why the invite.

Thanks Jimmy, It’s only taken three years since I first arrived in Hollywood uninvited. 

Admiral Lord Nelson to Appear in Trafalgar Square - 7 July 2015

Lord Nelson’s Living Statue has been selected to perform at the opening of the Busk for London festival.  He will have a six hour window between 12 and 6pm and if you want to take a trip to Trafalgar Square on the 18th July you will be in for a treat. There will be all kinds of street performers there so load you pockets with change before you go.  The festival lasts three weeks and Charlie will be around on various day throughout.

Great Summer ahead.

Jimmy will be back from Hollywood on the 12th of July when we fly out to Spain but this has worked out just fine along with the Busk for London event.  Jimmy has said he will join us when we are free.  Let’s wait and see what is coming up next.

Jimmy Rooney Back in Hollywood - 20th March 2015

Jimmy’s dates clashed with Charlie’s and he has had to return from Germany to Hollywood to make a movie.  Fortunately this is simply time out for the entertainer and this particular entertainment project. He will be back in June when we are looking forward to talking meeting up and discussing what Jimmy Rooney and Worldwide Living Statues can achieve together.  Meanwhile Charlie is still as amazing as ever and impressing crowds at Shopping Centres, Parties Corporate Event and more. 

Jimmy Rooney’s Theatre in Paris - 8th March 2015

Jimmy Rooney will be coming to London on 25th March to 2nd April, dates not confirmed. We will get to gather and see we are going to do together, it will be fun..He is hoping to buy a theater in Paris and should know the outcome tomorrow. If he gets the Theatre I will have a steady place there.Also I had some guys in Goa have embroidered a prototype merchandise t shirt I designed for the show. He thinks it is great and I am pleased he likes it; the guys in Goa that made it are fairly happy too.  And finally... For obvious reasons... I'd like to thank Ant McPartlan for my favourite celebrity quote... "Stop hitting me!"

An Inspiring Story - 5th March 2015

The second time I went to Hollywood I arrived on the centenary of Charlie's arrival completely by chance. Stephen Bumphrey from Radio Norfolk had asked me to go in and have a chat with him when I got back. When I emailed to tell him I'd met Jimmy Rooney, the voice of Disney. countless other characters, and razor sharp businessman, Stephen's producers ignored me. Maybe they weren't interested in me making good my plans. Jimmy has plans to come over in the New year. You will love our one man "Hollywood Legends” show.  Charlie, the biggest Hollywood legend, will be there to greet Jimmy's audience as they arrive. Jimmy has plans to spend some  time here in Norwich. He would like to stay in the UK for a year and tells is he wants us to build the show up into something big. There's loads more to this story but you can see the documentaries Graham Barnard from Hollywood made of the two visits in 2012 and 2013 on my website if you haven't seen them already at 

Incredible Support Network.

     I have to thank my friend Gill Alexander for all her help and support all along the way. From telling me to go and get myself out on Hollywood Boulevard when I was scared rigid when we first got there, to helping me keep it real for the last year. She has been, and still is, a rock. I must thank Graham Barnard too for making the documentaries and telling me to "hang in there", and of course Jimmy for being Jimmy and all the stars of Hollywood except Charlie Chaplin.

Hollywood Comes to London - 27th February 2015

Jimmy Rooney, the worlds greatest voiceover artist is bringing Hollywood to London this spring with his one man Hollywood Legends show.  Charlie Chaplin’s Living Statue will be there on the door to welcome you in.  The incredibly talented Mister Rooney can imitate over four hundred voices but most of us remember the first and arguably the biggest Hollywood legend, Charlie Chaplin, from his silent movies.  We’re just glad to help you out Jimmy.  You will be able to catch Jimmy’s show all year round first in London at venues including The Savoy and The Playboy Club and then at a variety of venues across the country all year.

An Amazing Experience.

Never to be forgotten, you will be enthralled by your night with the universal talent of Jimmy and all his Legends of Hollywood.  Find out more on Jimmy’s Legends of Hollywood site (Jimmy is quite severely dyslexic; it surprises me that he hasn’t had anyone check his site over.  However this is just a rough idea of what he plans to do in the future and not intended as a finished product.) Dates coming soon (ish) so be sure to keep this site bookmarked for future reference.  Don’t miss the show, it’s going to grow and grow but you can be one of the people who can say “I was there at the start” and “I saw Charlie Chaplin when he was a doorman”.  See you guys there!

Charlie Chaplin Entertainer - 26th January 2015

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A Stunning Portrayal

The team at Worldwide Living Statues are waiting to hear from you if you're interested in booking Charlie for your next event. Charlie Chaplin is one of the most iconic figures in the history of popular culture and the performer that depicts him has spent years researching his mannerisms and idiosyncrasies in order to offer a breath-taking portrayal based on secret techniques. You can see Charlie in action right now by taking a look at this brand new video? Head to the website to find out more about Charlie and other living statues including Nelson and Julius Caeser.

Find a Living Statue Entertainer - 29th December 2014

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Enthral Your Audience

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Charlie Chaplin Living Statues - 15th December 2014

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Jaw-Droppingly Realistic

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Find Realistic Living Statues - 1st December 2014

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Only Settle for the Best

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Charlie Chaplin Hollywood - 17th November 2014

Even almost forty years after his death, Charlie Chaplin remains one of the most-cherished icons in the history of popular culture and young audiences are constantly discovering his work. He has a universal appeal and is one of the most easily-recognisable figures ever. If you’re putting on an event and are eager to create an unforgettable occasion, why not take a look at Worldwide Living Statues? Worldwide Living Statues can help you to enlist the services of a leading Chaplin living statue that has been met with glowing feedback from scores of audiences and is perhaps as close to the real thing as you’re ever likely to encounter. You’ll be amazed by the authenticity on show.

Brilliantly Realistic

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Charlie Chaplin’s Living Statue - 3rd November 2014

Charlie Chaplin is one of the most-loved icons in popular culture history and continues to appeal to people of all ages from all across the world. If you’re putting on an event and hope to capture your audiences’ imagination and create unforgettable memories, take a look at Worldwide Living Statues. Worldwide Living Statues can offer you a remarkably convincing Chaplin living statue and those who have experienced it in real-life cite it as being just like the real thing. The entertainer that performs as Charlie has worked alongside various high-profile figures and has provided joy to audiences in many different countries.

A Flawless Portrayal of Charlie Chaplin

A huge amount of research has gone into making the Chaplin statue as authentic as possible. Worldwide Living Statues offer a range of entertainers depicting some of the most popular and important figures in history including Nelson and Julius Caeser as well as Charlie Chaplin. Why not talk to the team today if you’re interested in bringing Charlie back to life and treating your guests to an awe-inspiring experience? Head to the website right now if you’re eager to book Charlie Chaplin’s hugely-authentic living statue for your next event.

Living Statues - 20th October 2014

Living statues are a fantastic source of entertainment and great for promotional purposes. The team at Worldwide Living Statues are here for you if you’re hoping to book a renowned entertainer for your event, and have living statues portraying figures as illustrious as Charlie Chaplin and Julius Caesar on their books. Charlie Chaplin is one of the most cherished entertainers in history and the entertainer that portrays him in living statue form has worked alongside Mickey Rooney’s son Jimmy amongst other famous figures.

Incredibly Lifelike

The Charlie Chaplin living statue is the result of intense research and efforts have been made to make him appear as authentic as possible. The statue has been praised for its authenticity and attention to detail by people from across the world. The team at Worldwide Living Statues have worked hard to develop some of the world’s most amusing and lifelike living statues in the world. Nelson’s Loving Statue attended a high-profile event at London’s prestigious Painted Hall arrange by the UK Government and has also been booked for an array of Nelson Society events. Head to the website if you’re interested in booking a living statue guaranteed to inspire and enthral your audience.  Tel. +44(0)160 3464 589  Mobile. +44(0)781 844 5310   © Ant E Statik Enterprise