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Nelson - Regent Street large

Admiral Lord Nelson may not be the main living statue nut he is cerainly the flagship living statue and he's another of the finest.  He is the nearest thing to the real thing available in the business.

This is where it all satarted with a mission to create one of the finest and funniest living statues available today, and it took a long time to come up with something to match him.  What’s so funny?  There is only one way to find out.

Nelson's Living Statue stood in The Painted Hall in Greenwich, London for one night only while 500 delegates from all over the world arrived for a dinner arranged for them by HM Government on Rememberance Day.  

Lord Nelson's Living Statue is also a regular feature at events run by The Nelson Society, he is poplular at weddings, promotions, and anything with a naval theme…  In fact he is popular everywhere.

senator-chillius-maximus med hr.jpeg Chillius Minimus

Julius Caeser's  Living Statue blends in perfectly in a marble hall or stately home.  He has even stood among the genuine articles; first century Roman statues at Holkham Hall, working with our colleagues at Black Knight Historical.

Holkham Hall is the home of Viscount Coke and family.  Incidentally, while researching for Charlie Chaplin's Living Statue I found out that the second Earl of Leicester invented the bowler, derby or Coke hat.

Julius Caeser is pictured here as both the earlier and later versions. Constant attention is paid to ensuring our living statues are the most authentic and realistic classical living statues available.

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