Chaplin Reinvented

Living statues are some of the most popular street entertainers today.  Since the middle ages people have been fascinated by performers ability to stand almost motionless for hours at a time.  Charlie Chaplin is the most popular movie star of all time... he is, of course, truly worldwide. 

Charlie Chaplins Lottery ProjectCharlie and the lion 2 crop

Charlie Chaplin has been carefuly crafted to create as metalic effect as possible.  Many of the living statue and robot techniques used by “Charlie" have been devised by himself and are guarded secrets.  

Charlie Chaplin is the worlds first, the best and most loved star in Hollywood   He is the UK's favourite living statue by far.  Charlie Chaplin’s living statue is the most remarkable likeness of the Charlie Chaplin you will ever see outside of the silver screen.  He looks as much like cast iron as any other of Charlie’s less animated statues.  He is something unlike any other statue, living or otherwise.  You will never forget the first time you saw him.

“You really are THE BEST!!”  Archie Archer, Contraband Events.

Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus" grossed $3.5 million. That's an awfully huge amount of money, nearer a billion by today's standard. The first ever on screen use of the physical discipline now known as "The Robot". That is how Charlie invented the robot and it was the main inspiration behind Chaplin's Living Statue, a living statue like no other...  What better homage to the great man than for his statue to be more like a robot than any robot, and more like Chaplin than any other Chaplin... Charlie would be proud of his living statue.

“The most dignified and amazing Charlie!” Jimmy Rooney, Hollywood.

Here are a few Disney themed pictures from Hollywood

The first two pictures were Charlie's last dayof 2013 in LA at the Disney studios, Gill, Charlie's p.a. is with Roy Disney and Minnie Mouse (those two are real statues as Minnie Mouse was all booked up that day) and Antony (Charlie) is meeting Walt Disney for the first time.  In an unrelated incident earlier that fortnight outside The Dolby Theatre Charlie met Jimmy Rooney, who has voiced many of Disney's favourite characters including Mickey Mouse.  Jimmy says he thinks Charlie is awesome; he also said he thinks Gill is cute, clearly he can't get everything right.

But seriously, watch this space...

and this one…

Here’s a hilarious video of Charlie on East Road, London. Visit the Video page to find more videos including our Hollywood documentaries.

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